Want a Unique and Fun Fundraiser?
You can raise money for your team, club, organization or family in need by offering our beautiful Modestly products.
Starting your Fundraiser is easy!
  1. Email us at to work with us to design a unique piece for you to promote. If you don't want to design your own, you can still offer our current selection
  2. Send everyone you know to the unique page we will create for you and your choices or design. (We will record your sales and then ship the items directly to your buyers so there's no extra work for you.)
  3. Get paid every month. You'll receive a portion of all the sales you've made.
Special Requests
If you will be doing a large promotion, please contact us first and we'll be sure to increase our stock prior to your campaign so we can ship items more quickly.
Browse our site for some examples to use for your campaign if you are looking for design ideas. 

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