Sundresses and Bracelets

Posted on 16 July 2016

Sundresses and summer go together like no other fashion duo. Floral prints to vibrant colors, dresses are easy to execute ultimate style in all the right ways. Enjoying fresh hair by the beach or a walk in a garden, sundresses need must have accessories to complete their look. Here are favorite sundress and bracelet pairings that should be in your summer closet essentials.

Make a statement not only for yourself but get your bff involved with the Best Friend, Hearts, “Time” Saying bracelet in white. Quoted charm with best friends and a double heart, this piece will go with your colorful sundresses. Floral prints in any color that come in dress form are an automatic yes to wear with this bracelet. You and your bestie won’t help but love your trendy fashion accessories.

The Butterfly, Birds, Bow bracelet in blue is all the girly things in one. With pretty blue straps, this one is just right for the summer season not mention the butterfly! A striped sundress is just right for this bracelet. Along with a hat and pair of sandals, take your look anywhere the sun is shining… preferably the beach!

For a good cause and also if you are a fan of pink, the Faith, Believe, Hope, Breast Cancer Awareness bracelet represents fashion and awareness. A variety of charms that will keep positivity with you anywhere you may go, a contrasting solid color sundress is what this beauty needs for a completed ensemble. Who doesn’t love pink?

Make your outfit chic and summery with the Infinity, Arrow, Dragonfly bracelet. In blue and black with hints of bronze, show off your look in pure style. With an embroidered sundress, complete your look from head to toe with fun sandals and a pair of gold frame sunglasses. A dragonfly represents a deeper meaning to life and shows off that change is a good thing so why not wear it and feel great!

A piece that can be worn all of the time is the Infinity, Arrow, Interlocking Infinity bracelet in white. With bronze charms, this takes the cake for a summer accessory. A red sundress and pom, pom sandals are the right choices to finish off your look from top to bottom. Red with the colors of this bracelet makes for a vibrant style.

Sundresses can’t be beat and with some serious stylish accessory around your wrist, Modestly bracelets will meet your needs for all summer necessities. With so many to choose from, explore designs to find your favorites for the season!

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