5 Bracelet Styles for Summer

Posted on 27 June 2016


5 Bracelet Styles for Summer 

With summer in full effect, we are soaking up the sun and enjoying great weather. When the sun is out, fashion is all about showing off and accessorizing. Why not look good and feel good all season long with some of our favourite Modestly bracelet designs. Here is a look into our top 5 bracelets for summer!

Love Watch

The Love Watch in White is at the top of the must have list. What is great about this piece is that it is completely universal. It can be worn with all your favorite summer attire. Everyone needs essential accessories for summer make this your pick! Denim shorts and a tee for a casual look or a night out for dinner with a flowing dress and wavy hair, this jeweled bracelet is ready for all occasions. The charms also add a feminine flare.

Dream Watch

Another similar style that is great for summer is the Dream Watch in Brown and Tan. Neutral colors are always a fashion go to. They can be worn with almost anything and paired with other beloved accessories- let your bracelet pop by wearing navy tones. Our watch bracelets are made for showing off your arm candy! An ornate framed clock with dream and believe give yourself a positive message while being a fashionista.  

Octopus, Anchor and Wheel bracelet

If you are more of a beach person, amp up your look with some sea life. The Octopus, Anchor and Wheel bracelet in mint, pink and grey has the perfect color combinations for summer. This piece goes hand and hand with any light color outfit ensemble. The pastel tones along with the silver charms create a fresh beach feel that is great for a picnic on the sand or an all day outfit wear on the coast. The go to pieces for this bracelet are a pair of sandals and a denim romper. 

 Infinity, Wings, Love bracelet

Take on a more delicate style with the Infinity, Wings, Love bracelet in grey. Any girly girl will love this design. Wear with an all white dress and denim jacket for a cute casual vibe that you can rock any day of the week. An all over light colored outfit is a way to stay fresh on fashion through summer. Although this bracelet has a lot of details, it is still simple, intricate and feminine.  

Dream, Believe, Love 

Love the layer look with the Dream, Believe, Love, Infinity bracelet in brown and tan. With tons of loving words and the infinity symbol, you will always have a place and time to wear this piece. It's a great way to show off happiness and of course that you know what fashion is all about! Create a bohemian style and rock this bracelet with your favorite kimono, crop top and shorts... Nothing says summer than a head to toe boho look with the ideal accessory piece! 


Whether you fall for just one bracelet design or you can't decide, these top five styles are approved to bring fashion to your wrist wear. The best part about Modestly is that you can layer your bracelets as you please. Take in tons of memories this summer and have on great accessories while doing it! 

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